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Ken Klauser's '66 - '67 Album

Bravo Battery Trooper Ken Klauser took basic training with 2/77, so this album covers from 1965 - 1967 when his Vietnam Tour ended. He came over on the Gen. Walker with the rest of the unit, and is a veteran of the Battle of Soui-Tre, A.K.A FSB GOlD, 3/21/'67. Some of the pictures he graciously shared with us I took the liberty of adding to the Soui-Tre Album, with other added information about that action. Thanks very Much, Ken, from all of us!
We'll see how many end up in the Basic and Ft Lewis section and if we need a page 2, I'll fire one up later. If any of you guys see your first names and want me to add your last name also, e-mail me to let me know

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This is what 2/77FA was about, back then. Don't know when taken, but figured it would be a good one to start with

Ken visiting Home after basic-Feb. 66

Another shot of Ken visiting home after Basic

Ken again after Basic.

Ken and some family after basic '66

Frank and Ken doin their "John Wayne" impressions with M-60s Mar. 66

Playing war at Ft. Lewis, '66

Gus and Bruce doin laundry. My gramma had an old fashioned wringer washer like that one!

Gus and Bruce laundry again.

Gus in his bunk

Ken doin laundry, Apr. '66

Ken's truck Apr.'66

Ken and his Truck. Apr. '66

Ken on Field Problem Apr. 6/'66

"INSPECTION ---- ARMS!" Ft. Lewis pre - sep '66

Gus and Bravo Guidon May '66

Ken with the powder bags in the Field

A trip home in Jul. '66

Ken in Sgt. Jerry's room Jul. '66

Sgt. Jerry, Ft. Lewis '66

Ken showing off his first Stripe

Ken in his Kakhis Jul. '66

'Nuther shot of what 2/77FA, VN was about. Enter, the guest of honor!

Ken in his Squad Bay Jul. '66

Twin 40mm "Duster" on a field problem

Ken at home to say "See you later" to the fambly!

More of the Sep. '66 visit

A troop holdin up an Antenna. Looks like DT Nov 66

Anyone know who these 2 troopers are?

Pretty good shot of DT 'Nov 66

I think this might be FDC Bunker. Perimeter bunkers usually connected by telephone. This one has radios in it.

'Nuther angle of what is probly FDC Bunker.

Maybe FDC either on an operation, or before the bunker?

'Nuther look at the inside of FDC somewhere

Plottin table FDC, somewhere

Looks like generator maintenance Nov 66

Part of the scenic countryside, Vietnam.

Not in country long enough to even get tanned yet.In the pit

Guys havin fun somewhere.

More November 66 Fun in Civies, no less.

Nice lookin couple and a 'cuda

Inside one of the tents, before "hootches" built, apparently.

looks like out by the perimeter.

Maybe a shot of another arty unit? That looks like a 155T howitzer.

Looks like a shot of the motorpool.

Looks like DT when it was sorta brand new

Doin something with a tent or a slab of concrete?

Some troopers around a deuce. Looks like on a FSB.

Lookin into a gunpit. DT

Who's this in the gunpit?

Who is this guy?

Who is this in front of FDC?

Who are these troopers? What are they doin?

Who is this writin home?

Who is this young troop?

2 drinkin buds

Who's this trooper by the gunpit?

In front of a bunker

distance shot Looks like Bn Area, DT

Couple O buds by gunpit

In ALL pics like this, we want help identifying the troops, please

2 more who are they troopers?

I think this one could be ken. But a little far away to tell.

Ready for a ride

Look mom! Someone gave me some shrapnel!

Different angle, same truck and shrapnel

Hood sittin in the motor pool

More hood sittin. Razor Back in the back ground. I always thunk it was Nui Bah Dhen till I saw a map of the DT and TAy Ninh area. Nui is sorta between DT and TAy Ninh.

More sittin 'round in the 'pool

Always lots of motor pool stuff to do

Looks like the heat got to that skinny Santa!

" 'An I wanna '67 Chevelle SS, with 4 on the floor, 'An an EARLY DEROS, AN EARLY ETS! And Ann Margaret!"

Layin out the Xmas Spread for the Troops!

One of the troops in a deuce

Winter scenery, in Ken's part of "The World" Jan. '67

More winter scenery, and perhaps, another relative, or girlfriend? Jan. '67

Winter scenery again.

One of the relatives on a winter visit home?

Feb '67 2 of the troops in the field

Feb '67 Out with the 34th Armor

3/13 Arty out with us

Still Feb. '67 - More Armor out with us

Maybe a brother and sister in a ville during convoy

This is the way we dig our holes, dig our holes, dig our holes

Looks like FDC waiting for a bunker

Farm on way to FSB. Feb '67

Huey. Feb '67. Comin or goin?

Looks like a poncho tent. And a wash basin

is someone givin that guy on the left the "One finger salute"? Looks like it to me, haha!

Feb. '67 still. This could def'nly be FDC. But who is the troop?

Doggone if this don't look like Major James, and high Sgt. Someone.

Tryin to get that mornin bath

Are these guys gonna practice hand to hand combat?

This guy kinda looks like an Officer. Any idea who he is?

Troop chillin in a deuce - motor pool

Troopie chillin in a 3/4

Looks like that youngblood may be contemplatin a circular swim?

Don't remember that style of roof in any of the villes we went through. A little unusual.

Firebase Steak, and his 'pet boy'

Awwwww! The pretty Lil Mommy and her pretty lil baby!

Could be the Bravo FDO and a couple of troops?

Head 'em up - Move 'em out!

Looks like about an SFC. Chief of Smoke, maybe? What IS a "Chief of Smoke, en-uh-way?

If this is a FSB - That's Nui Bha Dhen. If not, it's Razor Back.

Passin by another Village

Rollin through a Rainy Village

'Nother Village

Visitin with the kids. Could be at the pick up point?

Mar. '67. Rollin thru a small village in Convoy

Mar '67. Rollin past more houses, villagers

More of Vietnam's Scenic wonders, and troops enjoyin the view.

More good scenery

This looks like young Ken at a FSB

Approaching another Village in Convoy.

Troops 'Chillin' in Convoy

More troops in truck. We can ALWAYS use help in ID'ing them.

Muleskinner In-Bound with trailer, other supplies

Looks like truckload of troops, waiting for the ground guide to show them where to park

Looks like Ken again.

Playin on the beach. Any Soui-Tre Veterans remember the back story on this?

This may be Ken on the beach.

Shaving at a position close to a village, What's up with the pipeline?


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