Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.

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54 Years ago,a sorely under strength 3d Bde 25th ID. was still settling in to a BHQ Forward Site set right at a junction of the HochiMinh trail. Most of the other FSBs had Vietnamese names,for the location,And American military names. So did the U.S. Army.
This one was BURT/SOUI-CUT
Trouble was expected, it was in the air,and most of us could "feel" it.
Turned out to be one heck of a grudge match with the enemy for the total drubbing we gave them 8 months before at FSB GOLD/SOUITRE.My deepest respect and brotherly Love and Good wishes for the brave troopers who covered eachother and me,and got us home.I remember thinking with this new years party,being such a bummer, there is almost no way one could be worse than this. Turns out that wasn't quite true, but almost. BEST WISHES TO ALL, AND ESPECIALLYBEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR TO ALL BURT SURVIVORS

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This is the Remodeled Internet Home of the VIETNAM VETERANS of the 2nd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment, U.S. Army. We also have limited info From the 6th Bn. We have Stories, Historical information, including Photographs, and videos, slide shows, etc. and A.A.Rs, etc. And of Course, we also have our honored dead.

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During the Vietnam war, The 77th FA, and all our Battalions,Except the 5th - Fired support for most of the U.S' PREMIERE COMBAT MANEUVER Units. And some of the host nation, too. (Proximity to the Cambodian, and Laotian Borders)

'We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.' George Orwell
we were among those men!

Hit the 22nd Infantry button on the left to see in moreDepth what we supported when we fired for our Infantry. Ret. Maj. Chuck Boyle has a second, expanded edition of his book"Absolution" Out. In depth and detailed

Okay,The 77FA Colors were uncased, as our unit was re-activated. That was in 2005
above sign - painted by Fred Maul, photo by him also Thx Fred

Above Photo: Courtesy of Bob "Doc" Bosma's site. It's the new 2/77th Field Artillery's main piece.
2/77FA Weather Station
Of course,weather is very important to Artillery

Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan

This one is about what Artillery does for a living! It depicts the Life of a Combat Unit in Vietnam, and Some of the enemy's results of battles with us. So, if you have some misconception that the Army and WAR are sterile, Stay out! GRAPHIC!!! WARNING SCRIPT ALSO LOCATED @ ALBUM PAGE!!! And above. If you are under 18 Years of Age, and your parents Don't want you viewing graphic, real life pictures, don't stay here! It is up to you and your parents to monitor or control that. WE DO NOT DICTATE MORALES, or the limits of FREE Speech, including the freedom to lie and say you are over 18 years of age. We also accept no responsibility for your ignoring this warning!!****END OF DISCLAIMER/WARNING


'We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.' George Orwell
we were among those men!