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This is the Remodeled Internet Home of the VIETNAM VETERANS of the 2nd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment, U.S. Army. We also have limited info From the 6th Bn. We have Stories, Historical information, including Photographs, and videos, slide shows, etc. and A.A.Rs, etc. And of Course, we also have our honored dead.

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RIP - 51 YEARS ago - Norman Robert Goble, B Btry/2/77FA, From Midland Park, NJ KIA @ Soui Tre, RVN-RIP Norman!!!

RIP Also - 51 YEARS ago - Robert Andrew Van Patten, B Btry/2/77FA, From San Carlos, CA. KIA,RVN-RIP Robert!!!

RIP - 51 YEARS ago - Jerald Frederick Delooze, B Btry/2/77FA, From Phelps, NY KIA,RVN-RIP Jerald!!!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Thomas Berry Corbin, C Btry/2/77FA, From Cross City, Fla. KIA, RVN-RIP, Berry!!!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Richard Thomas Jackson,HHB 2/77FA, From Green Bay,WI. KIA, RVN-RIP, Richard!!!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Ronald G Pahl, B/2/77FA, From Michigan City,IN KIA, RVN-RIP,Ronald!!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Gene Daniel Hicks,B/2/77, Providence, RI. KIA, RVN-RIP,Gene!!!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Edward Joseph,Craig, A 2/77, Willingboro, NJ. From Michigan City,IN KIA, RVN-RIP,Edward!!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Maxie Lane Price, A 2/77,Greenville,SC KIA, RVN-RIP,Maxie!

RIP - 51 YEARS Ago - Reginald Alfonso Stancil, A/2/77, Bristol, PA, KIA RVN-RIP, Reginald!!

RIP-51 YEARS,2DAYS Ago - John R Barfield, A/2/77, Bude, MS, KIA RVN-RIP, John!!

Anniversary 51 years ago, NEW YEARS EVE 1967 - NEW YEAR'S DAY 1968 - THE BATTLE OF FSB BURT -3D BDE, 25TH INFANTRY DIVISION FOB - OPERATION YELLOWSTONE BEGAN. WE SUFFERED 23 KIA, AND 153 WIA, by count, Jan.1, 1968 when it was over. We stayed at BURT till jan 31, and suffered more KIA, Before we left Burt to head back to DT in case the Enemy as rumored/feared - Also tried to attack Base. As it turns out they just tried a battalion strength probe, and just kept sending us TET Gifts of Sapper attempts, and snipers all through TET. and the post TET offensive, From Jan. 31 - Around the end of April.

From my personal perspective, getting through that, was a MAJOR Reason to at least have a HAPPY START to all the new years after, and a big part of that are the People who made it happen for all of us who won the day. Thanks to you all! and I hope you all Have a Great New Year!

The Air Force who flew FAC For us
The Air Force who flew TAC
The 187th AHC, and stingers who flew Resupply, Gunship support, and Medevac
All the nearby FA Units who fired support for us during the battle
And the "Tomahawks" and "Manchus" infantry for relief
And Some of our Heros, who at the very least inspired us
Wayne "Crash" Coe, & "Doc" Warden, A flight surgeon, who did on site "Triage" for our troops being medevac'd. 187th AHC, ALL NIGHT Resuppply, GunPower and Medevac
The "Stinger" crews who Covered Him and his crew in and out of the LZ. One Crew of which Gave the Ultimate Support- RIP
All the OP, and Ambush Patrol troops from the 3&2/22 Infantry, And their Perimeter Security Troops who Fought hard all night, suffered the most WIA and KIA Casualties
Among the Infantry, were hundreds of Heros, some of whom I came to know later, Among them, Just to name a few, Chuck Boyle, Awb Norris, RIP, Lynn Dalpez, Nick Dragon, Bill Schwindt, and actually, it would be impossible to name all of them.
The Crews of the 40MM "Dusters", Who lost one and still fought hard. - RIP. Same for the "QUAD 5OS crews.
Then, all of the Gun Crews of the FA, 3/13 FA, A Btry I think, And of course, all the Gun Crews of 2/77FA, and All the Reaction Force, Cooks, mechanics, etc. who wsre called to augment the perimeter defense, and help get the wounded to the LZ for medevac, just some of which I know Dusty Lowe, Red Bryant, and of course, I didn't know Berry Corbin, but sure wish I did -RIP, Berry. Also, George Calvert, Iggy Castaldo, Arthur Fontanelli, Richard T. Jackson, Christopher Gaynor, Fred DeLong, And many others. Forgive me, please those of you whose names I can't remember off the top. I am startin to get Burnt Out
Bottom Line, according to the Tropic Lightning News,and year book, It was the biggest 25th Infantry Division Battle of '67. And we know it was one of the Best Set traps of '67, and including the number of enemy we caught in it, WE DONE GOOD!! God Bless All of you!

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During the Vietnam war, The 77th FA, and all our Battalions,Except the 5th - Fired support for most of the U.S' PREMIERE COMBAT MANEUVER Units. And some of the host nation, too. (Proximity to the Cambodian, and Laotian Borders)

'We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.' George Orwell
we were among those men!

Hit the 22nd Infantry button on the left to see in moreDepth what we supported when we fired for our Infantry. Ret. Maj. Chuck Boyle has a second, expanded edition of his book"Absolution" Out. In depth and detailed

Okay, Here are the 77FA Regimental Colors being uncased, as our unit was re-activated. That was in 2005

Above Photo: Courtesy of Bob "Doc" Bosma's site. It's the new 2/77th Field Artillery's main piece.
2/77FA Weather Station
Of course,weather is very important to Artillery

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This one is about what Artillery does for a living! It depicts the Life of a Combat Unit in Vietnam, and Some of the enemy's results of battles with us. So, if you have some misconception that the Army and WAR are sterile, Stay out! GRAPHIC!!! WARNING SCRIPT ALSO LOCATED @ ALBUM PAGE!!! And above. If you are under 18 Years of Age, and your parents Don't want you viewing graphic, real life pictures, don't stay here! It is up to you and your parents to monitor or control that. WE DO NOT DICTATE MORALES, or the limits of FREE Speech, including the freedom to lie and say you are over 18 years of age. We also accept no responsibility for your ignoring this warning!!****END OF DISCLAIMER/WARNING


'We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.' George Orwell
we were among those men!