Falcon Logo used Courtesy of Jim Bowers, 77th FA Assn.

S-4 Sgt '67 - 68 SSG George Sutton's Album

Former Ssg George Sutton took some pretty good pictures during his tour with the 77th FA, Which in like many of us, started with a State Side Assignment to a Unit "Training for Deployment to Vietnam, Republic of". Like me, in his case, it was the 6/77FA (105T). He having a Quartermaster Corp MOS, went over with the "Advance Party" by air. Then, when the rest of the unit arrived on the USMSTS GORDON in Vung Tau, and travelled by air, and convoy to Cu-Chi. we were initially assigned to IIFFV, attached to the 25th Div, then shortly went with portions of the battalion and other elements of 3/25 ID on an operation up around Tay Ninh. After that, around May - July, '67 he transferred to 2/77FA on the Army's well documented version of what I like to call the "Army foreign exchange student" program.
So, what we get is a photo album in 3 sections.
1. At Ft. Irwin, USAAADTC, CA. which it was called in fall '66 when we arrived there
2. On the way and @ his supply office @ a FSB on an operation near Tay Ninh
3. His activities & Events @ Dau Tieng Base, maybe some about FSB GRANT/LOC NINH, in relief efforts after what I call "Operation Prairie Fire." He was part of the team that came to relieve those of us who were at the fire, and clean up while we had to go back to DT and re-equip. He also had to spend months trying to get the Combat loss due to fire report right. There's also a pic of the supply point he operated @ a FSB Close to FSB BURT, which from all information we have been able to share and find, was likely FSB BEAUREGARD/KATUM. From there, he supplied of course the battery and 2/77FA units there, and FSB BURT including during the Battle of FSB BURT. And Post battle. The picture is also likely the only picture of the place where 2/77 Troopers Ronald Pahl, and Gene Hicks were KIA. R.I.P.

These pictures are The property of George Sutton

You may feel free to download them for PERSONAL, non-commercial use only.

And of course, a Very Grateful THANK YOU to brother George Sutton for these mostly great shots. Some are gooder than others, but with a lot going on, and not great lighting or staging circumstances sometimes, He did a FANTASTIC job all things considered.
The first section is of both 6/77FA @ Ft. Irwin, CA. & Convoy to and the stay @ Tay Ninh

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This is 1sg Haas and George @ Ft. Irwin, 1966. That guy I think ended up as HHB Commo plt. sgt.

George, His supply clerk Sp4 Tortorello and PFC Glass

The truck looks like a deuce. Was not in the convoy, but earlier incident

A cidg or rfpf compound on the road. A wife and some VN NG's baby

Looks like a different angle of the same compound

A local sittin on the dike takin a break

A Tay Ninh local tryin to look friendly?

This looks like a cemetery on the Tay Ninh Road

Locals on the road to Tay Ninh makin a livin

Does that look like the wing and other parts of a wrecked aircraft?

huey pad foreground Tay Ninh base beyond

Kinda looks like a church on the Tay Ninh road

A closer shot of the Church.

This looks like just arriving @ Tay Ninh base

Good shot of a 105 677fa TN Jun 67

Gooder shot of a 105 677fa TN Jun 67 and of course, George. Hi, George!

George @ door of his Tay Ninh Home. Jun67

Sp4 Tortorello George's supply clerk Tay Ninh

Huey takin off. Looks like Tay Ninh, so barren

Another huey rising. They sure are photogenic, huh??

The next section will be all the DT and Post Tay Ninh shots.

This is George workin on the Combat loss report from the Fire at FSB Grant, Dec.9, '67. No wonder he said "I need a drink, LOL

We think this is either Soui Dau or Katum. It is the site where Pahl, and Hicks were KIA on 19 Jan 68. Help us out if you know anything about the name of the place. We think 677 and B/2/77 were there in support of FSB BURT and/or FSB Beauregard, or it WAS FSB BEAUREGARD

George and 1Lt. Rice visitin with a tank crew. 23 Apr. 68

Sgt. Baker, Ssg Sutton and Mr. Doerr 24 Apr. 68

These guys were usually pretty bad shots. So, did they get lucky? Or, did their skills improve? Hmmm. (Side note) this attack occured one day after I DEROSd. And around 14 days after they hit an ammo dump down the road from us, and smoked it good. That is why I hadda go home with a cast on my right hand

25 April, 0645A. this one looks closer, and a different angle.

This a different angle

nother angle on burning pol point

This is the pit that used to be the POL dump.

25 Apr 68, George is about to dig up a souvenier of the mortar attack that hit the POL dump. From the position of George, his buddy, and the impact crater - the enemy was "walkin them in"

That white stuff is foam on the drums, to inhibit catchin fire, I guess. Still apr - 68

In May 68 - George sent this one to his Wife, Thea, saying I'll be coming home soon. Guess again, George! LOL

This is George and Mr. Doerr Yuckin it up

This is the S-4 WO Doerr. His crew got him a plaque.

14 days before his Jun 68 DEROS - Mr. Doerr is admiring the plaque George and company had made for him

Mr. Doerr and George were sharing the hat, they both liked it

A break and a smoke. Looks like the S-4 Shop?

Maj. Randolph sitting at the bar, smilling, LTC Lindholm, BN. CO in background with the pipe, also Cpt. Carrerras, and WO Doerr.

This one looks almost like the same picture. But according to what came with it, George is on the right, at the bar, looking at Maj. Randolph, Bn. XO

In Front of the hootch - Sgt Shim, Sgt Lake, Sp4 Bittman and SSG Sutton

This a CH54 Flying Crane, and it's crew that George put to work often.

Here she is again, her crew is showin her some love.

There's a caribou leaving town. Wonder if it's the same one George came in on??

Feedin the beautiful puppy dog. They sure did make life a little easier there.

This is George when it's almost time to go home. Oct. 68 For real this time

Cpt Carreras and Maj. Crosby

Sp4, later Sgt. Glenn Cantrell, chillin in front of his hootch, DT

Sp4Paschen, SsgFord,Geren, parked by S-4 maybe.

L t R - Sgt Wilmot,Sgt Cantrell, Sgt Ford, Sp4 Paschen

L to R SFC Wilmot, Cpt Carreras, Mr. Doerr & SSG Ford

Front - Sgt Fortenberry and the wildman George replaced.(shoulder holstered wheelgun) In back George and a trooper he doesn't know

Sp4 McNeely leanin up

George leaving the Mess. If I remember it was a Bn. consolidated Mess.

The long awaited promotion of Fortenberry to SGT. Happy Days are here again!!!!

This is the newly 'minted' Sgt Fortenberry with his camera

McNeely, Grifin, and Alteri loading, SSG Ford supervising

Cantrell and Sgt Osbern

Sp5 Cantrell and Sp4 McNeely by S4 shop

SSG Smith, George's replacement Sp4 McNeely and Sp4 Fries June 68 George is going home soon

George and his friend Papa-San Kim

This used to be a 105 that got dropped from a Ch47 @ 3000ft

This is SMAJ Moser and an unknown person coming down the battery street. From the looks of it on inspection of some sort. The doors of all the hootches are open. The troops would not do that unless ordered, due to rats, snakes, dogs, VN thieves, etc. Not that they actually offered much real protection from that stuff. Every little bit helps.

This George showing off his nanna tree

Shame on them nasty 'ol Cong! Them meanies done killeded my tree! An innocent bystander!!

This is sort of the alley behind one side of the battery street. With a drainage ditch. Looking toward BN. HQ

High on the list of most snapped pics

In the foreground, one of the "relief tubes" When ya gotta go ----

A distance shot of a Motor Pool which from the Tank, and the VTR 88, is probly 2/34 Armor, or the 11th ACR unit we had at DT

Lookin at the S4 shop, DT

This is a shot of the battery street, DT. Looks like before or after the inspection, IF the SMAJ was born in a barn, lol Doors open.

Pretty bizee airstrip. Bunch of supplies, and troopies in and out

couple of dusters from the 5th AAA moving to set up. So cool!!

They did get set up. Can't tell if they are the same ones, but they are probably from the same unit. 5th AAA.

SSG George drivers seat, Lt Okonogi in jeep, SSG Ohleiser leaning on fender and SSG black holding papers. All getting ready to Post Guards and go on Duty.

This is George's unit Armorer, Sp4 Walters