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In Gratitude and Memorium of our Comrades who gave their lives to get us home

Thanks to former Sgt. Christopher Gaynor, I found out who those 3 guys up there are. I had forgotten, but he reminded me that they are" Left to right - George Calvert, Me, Sgt. Mikie and Chris. We were there paying our respects

Some New Stuff. ----
1. While researching me,and other stuff, and trying to keep the site, and ESPECIALLY the honors page, "Right and Tight" I found out something that will impact the 2/77VN "Wall" (That is why the names, etc. are silver on black, ----THE WALL.)By Army Regulations pertaining to Awards and Decorations - every soldier,alive or dead, with at least 1 Year of service with no disciplinary actions (in war time) is authorized a "Good Conduct" Medal.
2. So, in light of that fact and our desire to keep the historical stuff of the site as accurate as possible, I will be going through the list and making sure that ALL our Greatest heroes that did NOT get a GCM on their medal/ribbon bar and are 1 year veterans at the time of their KIA status - Get the deserved addition of their Good Conduct Medal.
3. I began with the hardest first. Our most decorated, numerically speaking trooper who was KIA. Thomas Berry Corbin. Check out his page, when you need inspiration to keep on keeping on. HE is one of the reasons you are able to decide to give up or keep on keeping on like he did. Remember what Audie Murphy's buddy said. "Hell, they can kill us, but they can't eat us. That's illegal"
First & Last Name
Home of Record Virtual Wall Profile
(a link to Remembrances)
John D.Burns Jr 01-11-67
C 2/77
Broaddus, TX
JOHN Memorial Page
Richard Perez Cruz 03-20-67
C 2/77
Freer TX
Richard Perez Cruz- Memorial Page
Norman L. Ballance III
HHS 2/77
Jacksonville Florida
Norman Ballance III- Memorial Page
Jack Eaton  
A 2/77
Slidell, LA
Jack Eaton - Memorial Page
Willie Grant, Jr  
C 2/77
Baton Rouge LA
Willie Grant, Jr. - Memorial Page
Garland A. Newhouse 
B 2/77
Garland Andrew Newhouse - Memorial Page
John Francis Pezzulo  
A 2/77
Glen Falls NY
John Francis Pezzulo - Memorial Page
Lawrence E. Pollock
B 2/77
Cincinnati OH
Lawrence's 2/77 Mem. Page
David Clyde Rodgers
C 2/77
Kirbyville MO
David Clyde Rodgers - VW Page
Algernon P. Thomas 
   B 2/77 
Springdale OH
"Al's" - Memorial Page
Thomas Martin Seklecki
A 2/77
Holyoke MA
Thomas Martin Seklecki - VW Page
Robert Joe Smith
Bn.C.Os Driver
HHS 2/11
Jacksonville, FL
Robert Joe Smith - Memorial Page
This one was a mystery to me. The first way I saw him listed was H/2/77. his Virtual Wall page lists him as a 64A10 "Light vehicle Driver." That also died at FSB GOLD. Assigned as H/2/11, IIFFV. Recent info from Ed Radz - He was Col. Vessey's driver. I Guess 2/77 or 3Bde/4th Div. Personnel hadn't had time for his transfer orders to 'catch up' with him prior to his KIA date at Soui-Tre?. At ANY RATE, - this HONORED HERO of ours was in every way that COUNTS - 2/77FA, so I HAD to move him BACK up here where he belongs!
James C Dixon 04-27-67 H 2/77 Vicksburg, MS
James C Dixon's Page
*Edward Jerome Colston  
Detroit, MI
This Soldier ADDED as an update. Jerome's Memorial Page.
Norman Robert Goble
B 2/77 
Midland Park NJ
Norman Robert Goble - Memorial Page
Silver Star -
Robert Andrew VanPatten
B 2/77 
San Carlos CA
Robert Andrew Van Patten's - Memorial Page
Jerald Frederick Delooze
B 2/77 
Phelps NY
Jerald Fredrick De Looze - Memorial Page
Silver Star-
Thomas Berry Corbin 
C 2/77 
Thomas Berry Corbin - Memorial Page
Richard Thomas Jackson  
HHB 2/77  
Green Bay WI
Richard Thomas Jackson - Memorial Page
Richard's VW Page
Ronald G Pahl  
B 2/77  
Michigan City IN
Ronald G. Pahl - Memorial Page
Gene Daniel Hicks 01 - 19 - 68B/2/77Providence, RIGene's Memorial page
Edward Joseph Craig  
A 2/77  
Willingboro NJ
Edward Joseph Craig - Memorial Page
Maxie Lane Price 
A 2/77 
Maxie Lane Price - Memorial Page
Reginald Alfonso Stancil  
A 2/77  
Bristol PA
Reginald Alfonso Stancil - Memorial Page
John R Barfield
A 2/77
Bude MS
John R. Barfield - Memorial Page
Billy James Brown
C 2/77
Chicago IL
Billy James Brown - Memorial Page
Richard Allen Estrada04 - 13 - 68 B/2/77Bridgeport, NE Richard's Memorial Page
Thomas Keith Beamon
A 2/77
South Gate CA
Thomas Keith Beamon - Memorial Page
David Ray Owens 05-07-68 A 2/77 Athens, AL David Ray Owens - Memorial Page
Bradley D Bowers
HHB 2/77
Oklahoma City OK
Bradley D. Bowers - Memorial Page
Marshall Wayne Fisher
HHB 2/77
East Fultonham OH
Marshall Wayne Fisher - Memorial Page
Eugene Lynn Markwell
HHB 2/77
Torrance CA
Eugene Lynn Markwell - Memorial Page
Wilfredo Pantaleon Zamora
HHB 2/77
Miami, FL
Wilfredo Pantaleon Zamora - Memorial Page
Joseph Macon
C 2/77
Raleigh NC
Joseph Macon - Memorial Page
Dennis Lee Dulebohn
B 2/77
Wapakoneta OH
Dennis Lee Dulebohn - Memorial Page
William Junior Jones
HHB 2/77
Westminster SC
William Junior Jones - Memorial Page
Gary Neal Isaacs
HHB 2/77
Detroit MI
Gary Neal Issacs - Memorial Page
Lee Daniel Thomas
B 2/77
Elizabeth PA
Lee Daniel Thomas - Memorial Page
Charles Dwaine Roberts
B 2/77
Norman OK
Charles Dwaine Roberts - Memorial Page
Orville E.Kitchen,Jr
B 2/77
Dayton OH
Orville Lee Kitchen, Jr. - Memorial Page
Michael Heinrich
B 2/77
Chicago IL
Michael Heinrich - Memorial Page
Floyd Abner Schliewe
B 2/77
Lebanon WI
Floyd Abner Schliewe - Memorial Page

There are some names previously listed in ERROR as 2/77FA KIA's who were apparently with us on FSB's while killed. I Believe that at this time, there are 3.
1 A/2/34ARM,
1 from 65 Engr. Bn. and
1 from D/71st ADA -- IIFFV.
However, since they died protecting us as we were protecting them, I have decided to HONOR them on this page, in their own SPECIAL place.

-----Many Thanks to Jack Morrison, who provided us with this new information! I believe he is a member of the 77th Field Artillery Association, which is of course, the home Regiment of the 2nd Bn. -----Thanks, Jack!

Jesse Bea Rose 03-21-67 
D/71st ADA
Tillar AR Due to Recently Acquired info -
It is now believed that Jesse was either
the gunner or a crew member on the
Quad .50 Lost in defense of FSB GOLD.
(His MOS is listed as 13F10 Automatic Weapons Crew.
Jesse's Virtual Wall Page
Jesse Bea Rose - Memorial Page
Samuel K. Culbertson05 - 11 -68A/2/34 ArmHuntington Beach, CAWell, Sometimes,we had tanks with us on FSBs maybe one of the crew caught shrapnel during one of our mortar/rochet incidents. The full profile link shows MFW
Sam's Virtual Wall Page
Richard Lee Dixon01 - 16 - 69B/65th Eng. Bn.Reddick, ILLOTS of reasosns why we had engineers with us on all our FSBs that I know of. EOD, Dozer Jockies, Water Purification, to name just the more obvious ones. Richard's Virtual Wall page

Updated: 03-13-2005

I was in 6/77 First. I trained with 6/77FA at Ft. Irwin, Ca. from Oct.66-May, 1967,
Currently Known KIAs of 6/77FA Bn.

First & Last Name KIA DATE UNIT Home of RecordVirtual Wall Profile
Ernest D. Funicelli 11 - 03 - 67 B/6/77 Orange, NJ Earnest's Virtual Wall page
James William West
B 6/77
Mason City IA James' VW Page
Larry Thomas Brent 01 - 16 - 68 A/6/77 Gettysburg, PA Larry's VW Page
Glen Otis Ervin 02 - 03 - 68 B/6/77 Placerville, CA Glen's VW Page
William Francis Rogers 05 - 12 - 68 B/6/77 Asheville, NC William's VW Page
Ervin Lewis Auman 06 - 15 - 68 H/6/77 Firth, NE Ervin's VW Page
James Clayton Kerr 12 - 06 - 68 A/6/77 Palmetto, GA James' VW Page
Cedrick Louvane Smart 12 - 16 - 68 B/6/77 Orange, MA Cedrick's VW Page
George Michael Binns 03 - 03 - 69 H/6/77 Kent, WA George's VW Page
Harry Todd Harrison 03 - 03 - 69 B/6/77 Madrid, IA Harry's VW Page
Darryl Eugene McCartney 03 - 03 - 69 H/6/77 Jameson, MO Darryl's VW Page
Michael Douglas Sams 03 - 03 - 69 H/6/77 Miami, FL Michael's VW Page
Wayne Winston Teeple 03 - 03 - 69 A/6/77 Roseville, MI Wayne's VW Page
Thomas Roy Gorrill 04 - 02 - 69 C/6/77 Hanover, MA Thomas' VW Page