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As 1967 began, the Battalion **** and afterwards participated in operation ****** providing direct fire support for the 3rd Battalion, 22d Infantry at the Vietnamese resort town of ****. It was here the Battalion sustained it’s first KIA (Btry C, and seven WIA ( 6 Brty C and 1 HQ Btry).

Fort Misqually(28 Nov 6620 Feb 67) was an operation by the 3d Brigade, supported by the 2d Battalion, 77th artillery’s 105 mm Howitzer fire.  The operation *********** the move of the Brigade from Camp Martin Cox at Bear Cat to Camp Rainier at Dau Tieng.

On 6 January 1967 Battery A was attached to the 3rd Battalion, 82nd Artillery of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade and participated in Operation Cedar Falls in the Hobo-Boi Loi Woods *******.

Operating for the first time as a Battalion in a forward **** location the Battalion moved to War Zone C to participate in the 3rd Brigade’s operation Gadsen. Although Operation Gadsen was uneventful, Operation Junction City which immediately followed (Still in War Zone C)was to be probably one of the most ******** operations in which this Battalion participated.

On 21 March while in Fire Support Base Gold the Battalion position was attacked by five Viet Cong Battalions of the elite 272d Viet Cong Regiment of the Viet Cong 9th Division. During the four hour battle (Battle of Soui Tre)the Battalion was committed to fire direct fire Beehive (used for the first time in a combat situation and proven extremely effective),and HE rounds into the ******* force. The total VC






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