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2/77 Army Field Artillery (VIETNAM)
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Tuesday 11/26/2002 7:45:52am
Name: Remy Benoit
Homepage: http://www.welcomehomesoldier.com
E-Mail: remy@niquahanam.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Metairie
Comments: Hey Mikie,
Just want to remind all your visitors that you are there for them 24/7...a true Warrior for the Veterans...and I, for one, am proud and grateful to call you friend.
A blessed Thanksgiving to all of you.

Wednesday 11/20/2002 6:04:21am
Name: Michael Pectol
Homepage: http://277arty.tripod.com
E-Mail: focus11b@cox.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Phoenix, USA
Comments: Yahoo! Finally Works! For informational
purposes, if you have had some trouble
with this page, check your PoP Up Stopper if you have one installed, as that is what made me think it wasn't working. The program thought the guestbook was a "popup add" So, I turned down the settings a little, and presto-change-O now it works fine! If you would like a pop up add stopper, you can e-me!

Sunday 11/03/2002 6:00:57pm
Name: John Mascaro
E-Mail: jmascaro@bellsouth.net
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Lauderdale Lakes, Fl.
Comments: Just wanted to thank the many vets who wrote to me since I signed this guest book about two months ago.I have received many very thoughtful, insightful and often heart-wrenching E-mails and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your often, very personal stories with me. Most of you who wrote likewise, received similar E-mails from me along with many photos-and yes, thanks for the photos you guys sent to along with some interesting website links.
We can all thank Mike Pectol for providing this forum for contacts and touching base with our past.
Below is a typical E-mail that I just sent out today-Nov. 3, 2002 to some guys requesting information, photos, etc.-John
"Nov. 3, 2002
Hello fellow Vietnam Vets,
Sorry it took so long for me to get around to scan and send these requested photos. These are 2 of a total of 16 8x10 color photos showing various scenes of the Battle of Soui Tre and 4th Div. in general. They were sent to me by Robert O'Neal, of Bay City, Texas back in May, 1995. As I pointed out in an earlier letter, I do not believe he was the photographer but had the photos sent to him over the years.
Some photos show the following soldiers: Herbert Walkup, Gary Lininger (KIA 16th Jan. '67), Robert O'Neal, Dennis Sigler, Robert L. Helms, S/Sgt. Henry F. Grice 2nd Platoon, Nha Be Dec. 1966. Additional ones: show Randall Cotter, Don Walls, Franklin Brooks, Phillip Pennington and Robert O'Neal (2nd Platoon) on the Nelson Walker Sept. 1966.
If you know any of these guys or have their E-mail addresses, let me know or have them send me an E-mail and I'll scan and send their photos."
John Mascaro
4th Div. vet '66 to '67 Dau Tieng
H.Hq. Service Battery (Survey) 2/77th Arty

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