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2/77 Army Field Artillery (VIETNAM)
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Monday 09/06/2004 11:38:46am
Name: Tom Fisher
E-Mail: tomnjeri@msn.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Lewisville, TX
Comments: With B/2/77, 25th Inf Div. Attached to A/4/9 Inf (Manchus) and B/2/27 (Wolfhounds). In RVN Jan-Dec 1968. My compliments on such an excellent site.

Saturday 09/04/2004 8:28:13pm
Name: Mikie
Homepage: http://277arty.net
E-Mail: focus11c@netzero.net
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Just testing my auto-alert, so I don't miss more signings of the book,

Wednesday 08/11/2004 5:21:18am
Name: Mario Salazar
Homepage: http://www.VietnamTripleDeuce.org
E-Mail: mariosalazar@comcast.net
Referred By: E-Mail
City/Country: Montgomery Village, MD, USA
Comments: I was in the relief column in Soie Tre, I was with the 2nd Battalion Mz, 22nd Infantry. I am the webmaster of the http://www.VietnamTripleDeuce.org site. Love your photos, and could stay in your site for hours. Thanks brother and welcome home.


Sunday 07/18/2004 11:37:33am
Name: Ron Elliff
E-Mail: relliff@golzen.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Tacoma, WA
Comments: Went over w/6-77, transferred to 2-77 in FDC, then FO ........good times?? Looking for a couple of characters named Johnson and Johnston from back East. I left this crap alone for 35 years, now decided to look into it. ......thanks for having this info available...Lt Stone??........r elliff

Wednesday 05/05/2004 4:09:29pm
Name: Clark L. Lohmann
E-Mail: clark222@cox.net
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Omaha, Ne USA
Comments: Just surfed in and I really like your site. I was at Burt Jan 1-2 1968. And I want to thank all you men of the 2/77. That was what I call the longest Night. I was on LP that night and in between the NVA and VC and our people was something that just will not go away, seems like I have the call sign 22 this is LP 2 over I call enemy movement the whole night and by morning our platoon came out expecting to find us dead but by the grace of god we made it. There was probably 25-30 NVA/VC near our position. It was an honor to serve with all you brave men and WELCOME HOME. I was with Bravo 2-22 Inf Mech 67-68. And any one with any information on the battle I would sure love to have any pictures or newsclippings, I lost everything I had when my Vietnam career ended May 27, 68 when I was blown up woke up 2 days later, and by the time my duffle bag caught up with me through all the Hospitals I had a couple pair of low quarter shoes and everything else gone. Thanks again nice site.

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